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GeoPoDe is an open-source, public data repository for geospatial reference datasets funded through Foundation investments. The metadata and notes provided with each dataset identify the data collection organization(s), the methods and timeframe used, use limitations, and whether the data has been authorized by the host government. Unless otherwise noted, all datasets contained in this site should be viewed as "operational" in nature, and do not constitute authoritative, government-sanctioned reference data. Please see the About section for additional details.
The population section provides an export tool to allow users to select the area(s), gender(s), age group(s) as well as aggregation level and export type.
The geometry section presents 2 types of exports: pre-generated exports at State level or custom exports. The latter allows users to select the State and/or LGA level as well as layer(s) and export format.
The map section exposes the geometry and population data from the 2 other sections via a map client allowing users to search, navigate, select layers, view or query the population for existing levels or for custom buffers or hand-drawn areas. The results can then be exported in CSV/XLS format as well as KML.